Monday, January 30, 2017

January: Ineffable Wanderlust Blog Circle {Luminescence}

I was actually the one who chose the theme this month. I chose it because it had been so dark and cold and I felt that I needed a photo project that would help me find a little light! I then had a hard time deciding what to do!

I could have gone in many directions with this one, and I tried to keep it in mind while I was out and about with the family over the last month. I managed to find two photos that I liked, one using natural light, and one of pyrotechnics!!!

I hope you enjoy these photos! You should head over to Rebecca's Page to check out more from the blog circle this month!
Driving home from Panorama, heading toward Bragg Creek the sun was setting and it was just so beautiful I couldn't help but snap a picture! We didn't really have time to pull over so I shot this from the window of the car, I was quite happy with how it turned out!
Beautiful, beautiful Alberta!

Panorama Mountain Resort is our new home away from home. We spent New Years Eve there this year and the Global Fest team did an amazing job of putting on the fireworks display. 


  1. You really did find the light Rachel, what a perfect sunset! And happy new year, the fireworks are a great representation of the theme - looking forward to seeing your images next month too!

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  3. Shoot from the car! Incredible.

  4. Two incredible shots Rebecca! I have still never taken good firework pictures but this year I will make sure I do. Looking forward to next month :)

  5. After all your world travelling I'm looking forward to seeing your home town and country through your photos, loved your interpretation of our theme this month. Looking forward to seeing what you photograph next month too. x