Friday, March 31, 2017

March Ineffable Wanderlust Blog Post {Uitwaaien}

This month our blog circle chose the word Uitwaaien, which literally means to "walk in the wind" in Dutch. Other definitions I found spoke of walking in nature to clear one's head, or escaping to the country.

Thankfully, we live in the country, so we went out one windy day last week to take some photos that could potentially encompass this idea.
My original idea was to drive out towards the mountains with long flowing dresses and props, but life and children got in the way and so we have us in our simple habitat instead.

I actually love this word, as walking out to clear the head is something that comes naturally to me. When I feel stressed I go outside ( ok maybe not in -40!!) but there is something about connecting with nature that heals the soul.

Please enjoy some of our photos from that day, and a few of the critters that we see here in our little slice of the country!

Our local coyote

Tux on the hunt up in a tree

Solidarity (for ten seconds at least!)
Jumping shots out in the wind
I read an article recently that was explaining how 'goat yoga' is becoming very popular! Apparently, they are setting up shop in goat pens and then people go in and do their yoga surrounded by goats. Since we have a goat pen, goats and willing volunteers we thought we could take some pictures!!!

Heck, we could up goat yoga.....she has goats, chickens and horses hanging out during her dancer's pose!!!

 Next up you should check out the lovely Rebecca Spencer Photography's post to see her take on Uitwaaien!

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  1. Oh I love seeing these outdoors pictures - goat yoga is hilarious! Fantastic post to see the children enjoying the fresh air and animals!